ID10T is a joke IT code that essentially means “user error”.  I like it because it reminds us that we can take responsibility for our own crap.  As a rabid consumer of nerd-centric pop culture goods, it recently occurred to me that I could also take responsibility for MAKING my own crap.  Anything you see in the coming months on this site will be meticulously designed, carefully curated and will be items that I personally wanted to exist so I could own them.  Please understand that while I love you, I’m KIND OF doing this whole exercise for me (insert winky emoticon here). Products are produced and fulfilled in Southern California using only the snazziest materials and Skynet-grade manufacturing processes. 
- Chris Hardwick, Ravenclaw.
ID10T is a pop culture market of huggable goods that culminate in the annual ID10T Festival, which can be found here.