Handpainted Disney Pullover

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In 1992, the "Breakfast at the Brink" with Dick Clark was held in Niagara Falls to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Shredded Wheat cereal. Nabisco gave away T-shirts to the first 2,000 people who showed up with empty Shredded Wheat boxes. The T-shirts were gone in an hour, with hundreds of people still holding empty cereal packages.
This, my friends, is one of those limited tees commemorating this monumental day in history!
Shredded Wheat is not only spoon-size, but it's bland, square, and it's goddamn delicious!

This vintage tee fits like an adult size XL.


Color- Red
Size- X-Large
Chest- 22"
Length- 27"
Brand Tag- Screen Starts
Fabric Content- 50% Cotton, 50% Poly