Laura Linney's Postcard Pals

Laura Linney's Postcard Pals

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 Laura Linney’s Postcard Pals

Our pal and yours, Laura Linney, has collected 50 postcards from her travels over the years and she wants to send a personalized one to YOU (and also support a really great charity at the same time)!

For every purchase of a postcard, we will direct 100% of the proceeds to The Actor’s Fund. Plus, Chris is going to match that $25.00, so that means for each postcard purchased, we will give a total of $50.00!

So, How does this work?

Step 1- Add a postcard to your cart.

Step 2- Purchase your personalized gift for $25.00. (Limited to 50)

Step 3- Get a personalized postcard in the mail in the next few weeks!

Step 4- Feel great about helping out this incredible organization during a global crisis!

Thank you, Laura, for being a friend!  You traveled down the road and back again...and these are the postcards to prove it!

For more information about the Actor's Fund, please visit their website:

And if you haven’t yet, listen to Laura be rad on the ID10T Podcast: